Feature Article: API-First, Headless DAM and the DXP

Murray Oles, President of enterprise process and information management solutions provider Chalex has recently contributed an article as part of our series on API-First and Headless DAM.  Murray goes into some detail about the architecture of such systems, and the benefits of implementing an independent, component-based platform.  Additional topics covered include workflow wizards, SSO, and how transitioning to a headless architecture can help to future-proof your organisation’s digital processes and provide a sound basis for BPM (business process management) systems and VDXPs (virtual digital experience platforms).

Headless DAMs are accessed through a set of RESTful web APIs that can be called by any other web service using a secure token. For example, in a headless DAM architecture, user authentication is an independent component configured to support operations, process, and task management with or without SSO. The net result is a much tighter architecture devoid of clumsy workarounds such as stored procedures.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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