To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade? That Is The Question For SharePoint 2010

A recent poll conducted by CMS Wire posed the question, “Is Your Organization Planning to Implement SharePoint 2010?” with some surprising results – namely that despite the hype, a significant percentage of respondents (36%) were not planning to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 following it’s imminent release in May.  Of those who responded, 29% said they would continue to use alternative solutions, whilst an additional 7% said they would continue to use their current SharePoint implementation, seemingly unconvinced that this latest release would provide a significant enough return on their investment.  Further, of those that positively responded to the poll, the majority (24%) continued to consider SharePoint as a general collaboration portal or social media system, with only 4% citing its improved content management features as a key factor in their decision to upgrade.
So why have so many decided not to upgrade this time around?
Perhaps it is a continuation in the trend toward belt tightening and ‘making-do’ that has permeated deep into the the organisational conciousness following global recession? Or perhaps it is simply the case that many still perceive this latest release as ‘techie-only’, honed solely for power users and administrators, rather than bringing broader benefits to everyone in the organisation (see our previous DAM News article ‘Is Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 Release For Techies Only?‘). Whatever the reasons, it would seem that Microsoft have still some way to go before they win the hearts and minds of every enterprise content management system user.

To see the full results of the CMS Wire SharePoint 2010 poll, visit their website here.

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