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Is Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 Release For Techies Only?

by Naresh Sarwan on October 21, 2009

CMS Watch’s Tony Bryne provides his thoughts on the forthcoming 2010 release of Microsoft’s resource management solution, SharePoint.

“The SharePoint Conference 2009 is a bit of a misnomer, since it’s almost all about the forthcoming SharePoint 2010 edition. Microsoft should be commended for the depth of the program, though at this early stage, many sessions still leave you asking more questions.  

We will have a lot to say about SP2010 (critical analysis that we’ll share with our SharePoint research subscribers) but in the meantime, I’ll make one broad observation about the user interface: it has become more of a power-user platform. Microsoft talks a lot about “empowering the business”, but a lot of what I see is really about empowering the administrator or site manager.”

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