SharePoint 2010 Poll Reveals Interest In Collaboration

CMS Wire’s Barb Mosher analyses results from a recent poll, which asked readers what plans they had to implement the forthcoming version of SharePoint.  The poll revealed that of those who responded positively, the greatest percentage (24%) were interested in its collaboration portal and social media features.

“With the release of SharePoint 2010 looming, we were curious to know what your plans were — if you had any at all — in regards to implementing the next version of Microsoft’s business collaboration platform. Our poll revealed that while many of you are not in a SharePoint frame of mind, those that are seem focused primarily on its collaboration and social media capabilities… Is the market for SharePoint getting bigger by the day? Why are organizations primarily looking to upgrade or implement SharePoint 2010? We took this opportunity to get some feedback and insights on our poll results.” [Read More]

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