Costing And Planning DAM Projects

DAM consultants, Daydream, have released a whitepaper aimed at project managers which summarises the key costs and deliverables for DAM projects:  The report is entitled: “The 8 Steps To DAM Success: A Manager’s Guide To Planning & Costing Digital Asset Management Projects”:

  • Choosing DAM Software
  • Defining the technical Infrastructure.
  • System set-up and configuration
  • Integration with other solutions
  • Data migration and ingestion
  • Training
  • Support
  • Extending the solution

The Daydream blog entry explains the background:

We have written the report partly in response to the narrow focus of many of the RFPs we have to review (either in a consultative capacity or when responding to them ourselves).  So often we see RFPs that are merely wish-lists of technical features presented as a ‘scorecard’ style quantative evaluation that consists of either highly specific feature requests or glibly summarised, close-ended questions such as “Easy to use: yes/no?   Although this approach may suffice for ‘phase one’ or simple DAM systems, it is a blunt instrument if the requirements are more specialist or involve larger enterprise solutions. We often find insufficient consideration is given to the overall DAM delivery and implementation process and managers can be unprepared as a result.” [Read More]

A copy of the paper is available on the reports area of the Daydream site.

As well as the Daydream paper, North Plains also ran an article which we covered in May on the costs of DAM solutions which is well worth a read.  One we did not get a chance to feature was this post by WAVE Corporation which also discusses how the software component of DAM solutions (with particular reference to features) is less important than the wider implementation process.

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