The Different Cost Areas Of DAM Systems

Joshua Duhl from one of our featured DAM vendorsNorth Plains has written a great summary of the thirteen areas of cost of DAM systems.  The article is well written and refreshingly spin-free for a vendor authored piece.  The cost items discussed include:

  • Software cost
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration
  • Customisation
  • Integration (with other systems)
  • Migration (of existing system and data)
  • Initial product training
  • Ongoing product training
  • Maintenance (software)
  • Business support
  • Technical support
  • Hosting
  • Project management

This is taken from the business support section and is a point I would strongly agree with:

I’ll state it here because it too is overlooked – digital asset management is different than content or web content management and requires a different support structure (and training). It is an important cost – to establish and maintain this organizational infrastructure that is largely specific to the DAM. This is critical to the success of any DAM and often the area that most companies fail to fund and it ends up killing the digital asset management efforts. It must be addressed and supported with senior management support and organizational backing.” [Read More]

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