Wizards On The Cloud Or Smoke, Mirrors & FUD About Open Source DAM?

In this article by Merlin One, the authors compare open source DAM vs hosted commodity solutions:

We’ve also found the person who “inherits” the system is less enthusiastic about answering trouble calls at 3 AM than its inventor may have been. What about 24×7 support? Granted that might not always be a requirement, but say the company is a non-profit organization with a global reach. Is there someone on staff to support the system for every different time zone, even if it’s in the middle of the night local time? With a hosted digital asset management system (or at least ours) the support is always available.” [Read More]

For some balance on this article, readers should consult the websites of the 10 vendors who offer Open Source Digital Asset Management solutions over on the damvendors.com site.  Many offer ongoing support (24×7 in more than than a few cases), cloud hosting and commodity options as well as some highly comprehensive service plans that target a whole spectrum of clients across several technology stacks from PHP/MySQL through to Java/JDBC and even ASP.NET/SQL Server.

Also, Nuxeo’s article on Fighting Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is well worth a read along with this article by Adriaan Bloem who make the valid point that Open Source is only a licence model.  Also this one by DAM consultants, Daydream who highlight the benefit of the open source option for enterprises in terms of risk management if the vendor is acquired or ceases trading.

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