What Next For Orphan Works?

Following the Government’s removal of the contentious Clause 43 or ‘Orphan Works’ clause from the Digital Economy Bill last week, Sarah Saunders reviews the potential impact that an orphan works policy could have on the media industries and calls for a public discussion of these issues, to raise awareness and stimulate debate.

“Most people in the photographic creative industries now know that the contentious part of the Digital Economy Bill was thrown out on April 7 as the bill passed through the commons as part of the ‘wash up’ before the UK general election on 6 May.  The progress of this particular piece of legislation holds lessons for the future. It is good that circumstances, and a strong campaign, caused clause 43 to fall at the eleventh hour. It gives creators and their representative associations time to regroup for what will probably be an extended battle ahead. So lets look at what happened.” [Read More]

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