Webinar: How the Semantic Web Will Affect DAM, 9th December 2015, 10am PT

DAM Guru Program (DGP) are hosting a webinar about DAM and The Semantic Web on 9th December at 10am PT.  The event will feature three speakers: Demian Hess (Director of DAM & Publishing Systems for Avalon Consulting), Margaret Warren (Owner of Metadata Authoring Systems) and Tim Strehle (Software Architect for Digital Collections Verlagsgesellschaft)

Join Demian, Margaret and Tim as they offer attendees a better understanding of the various ways Semantic Web concepts relate to Digital Asset Management. They will highlight how to benefit from Linked Data using the DAM system you already have. Find out how existing DAM systems can evolve once they incorporate the fundamentals of Semantic Web.” [Read More]

This one looks like it should be well worth tuning into.  Unlike many other webinars I get invites for, this one has some speakers who have acquired their Digital Asset Management expertise via their own first-hand experiences with it (which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days).

Regular DAM News readers will be aware that Tim operates Planet DAM (which we syndicate) and writes extensively on his own blog.  You can also read more of Demain’s thoughts on his recent LinkedIn post.  Margaret Warren’s articles were the inspiration for Tim’s blog article about DAM interoperability which in-turn inspired one I wrote for CMSWire a few years ago.

It’s fair to say that the Semantic Web was fundamental element in all this and it remains the richest source (and currently largely unexplored) opportunity for metadata innovation in Digital Asset Management, far more so than CX/DX cul-de-sac the industry has currently got itself stuck in.  So if you want to learn about something that really might end up actually being useful in DAM, I highly recommend registering for this event.

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