MediaBin Digital Asset Management Platform Offers Text Indexing of Video Content

Autonomy have released updates to Virage MediaBin 7.1 that take advantage of Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing (MBC) technology.  Of particular interest is the inclusion of text indexing of video content which allows users to “search” videos and see a preview of the frame based on a text query:

“The new platform also provides enhanced innovations to “watch and listen” to video. The product automatically converts video to text and time synchronizes with a preview of the content. Video assets can be quickly and easily found with pinpoint accuracy to the exact location within a video where a word or phrase is spoken. This is dynamically associated with other critical digital assets.” [Read More]

As described in last month’s article about Google’s introduction of text indexing for YouTube videos, there is a lot of innovation taking place in this area and we would expect to see this feature start to be come more mainstream as off the shelf components become available for low and mid-range DAM systems soon also.

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