Introduction To The Special Library Association DAM Section

Deb Fanslow who is one of the editors of The DAM Directory (and who wrote the four-part feature article Who Needs A DAM Librarian?) together with John Horodyski have contributed a feature article for DAM News: DAM Student And DAM Professor Combine Forces For DAM Good.  The article describes the new Special Library Association DAM Section which John and Deb are co-chairing:

The new DAM section aims to serve as forum for facilitating increased communication, networking, education, and professional collaboration for the advancement of research and practice within all industry sectors and professional communities. To further this goal, the DAM section hosts a discussion list that is open both to SLA members and non-members who are interested in discussing and sharing best practices” [Read More]

As described in Deb’s article, the SLA has a membership that is composed of both private and public sector information professionals, as such, it should have a wide range of participation with members from a number of different backgrounds.

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