Digital Asset News Launched

Today we are launching a new title: Digital Asset News, this covers the subject of digital assets, but in a wider sense of the term and follows on from feature articles I wrote at the start of 2016, the piece on digital asset value chains going back to 2013 and some articles for other publications that are less technology-oriented (or at least approach the subject from a different angle).  The first post considers a universal definition of digital assets as I believe this has not been carried out satisfactorily by those I have read previously (although some have been considerably better than others, it should be noted).  For those with limited attention spans, this quote is the summary:

A simple definition of a digital asset is that it is a collection of binary data which is self-contained, uniquely identifiable and has a value.” [Read More]

If you are someone who is less keen on longer items, however, you might not be that interested in the subject matter which we will address on the new title as the articles are likely to be longer and more oriented towards metadata, digital asset value and digital asset supply chains.  We are not fully decided yet on the exact boundaries between what will be DAM News subjects and those more applicable to Digital Asset News, however, the latter is likely to cover more conceptual topics rather than discussions about tool vendors etc.

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