DAM Weekly Round-Up – 8th October 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

DAM Metadata Gives Me All the Feels

Emily Kolvitz of Bynder has recently posted an article on CSMWire extolling the virtues of metadata, and how it’s her favourite aspect of librarianship.  She likens the duty of thorough metadata preparation to washing the dirty dishes, and whilst some people are more than happy to clean up after themselves, we often bring in extra help to cook and clean and attend to the more mundane tasks such as tagging assets.  As myself and my co-contributor Ralph Windsor have echoed numerous times in the past, metadata provides the context for digital assets and without it, their extrinsic value suffers greatly.  A worthwhile read for content stewards and DAM users alike.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Sandra Sundback on Digital Asset Management

Sandra Sundbäck, Product Owner for Digital Asset Manager at Finnish retailing conglomerate Kesko has recently participated in her first podcast with Henrik De Gyor.  As the organisation’s subject matter expert, she is responsible for the implementation of the DAM across the whole enterprise.  In the article she covers implementation, migration of legacy data, and the need for rigorous preparation of metadata.  It’s an interesting inside look at DAM operations on a large scale and should provide some solid pointers for those in a similar situation.  As always, a full transcript of the podcast is available.

British clothing retailer Boden creates customer engagement thanks to DAM

Heads up on an upcoming webinar from DAM vendor Dalim.  On 16th October Henry Stewart Events is staging a webinar to study how UK clothes retailer Boden is driving global customer engagement and increased sales through its DAM strategy.  Speakers include Karen Phillipson, Isabelle Billerey-Rayel and Frédéric Sanuy.  Registration for the online event is free of charge.

The latest research on Artificial Intelligence and DAM

DAM vendor AssetBank have just posted an update on their ongoing AI and DAM saga.  This time, they’ve joined forces on a project with the University of Brighton, whose Research Centre for Secure, Usable and Intelligent Systems approached them to assist in understanding the scope, potential and limitations of using AI within a DAM context.  With a bent on comparing existing AI and autotagging systems such as Google Vision and Clarifai with a custom built one,  it’s an interesting project for anyone that’s been following the hit-and-miss evolution of machine learning and image recognition.  A full PDF report is freely available to download.

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