DAM Weekly Round-Up – 7th January 2019

This is our opening collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web for 2019, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Before You Implement a DAM — Consider Your Taxonomy!

Author and taxonomy specialist Heather Hedden has recently posted an article introducing the importance of taxonomy management within a DAM environment.  From basic definitions of the term, to its benefits and possible pitfalls if incorrectly implemented, Heather uses plain English and solid examples to explain the fundamental components that make up a useful taxonomy.  A worthy entrée for those entering into the DAM field or tasked with categorisation, tagging, and classification jobs.

Asset migration strategy and process for Digital Asset Management systems

As someone that’s had to assist with numerous complex asset migrations, I can testify that planning in advance and preparing a robust workflow are essential steps to take.  DAM vendor Brandworkz have recently published an article to this effect, with a fairly detailed list of what to expect, how to prepare the data for import/export, and a number of common tricky scenarios that you’re likely to encounter.  Although targeted at their own platform, the advice they provide – especially the step-by-step migration plan – represents a decent starting point for anyone faced with a DAM-to-DAM migration.

How to Upload Images – 5 Systems to Consider

DAM vendor Canto’s Casey Schmidt presents five popular methods to upload images and if required, make them available to others.  Covering Google Drive, Imgur, Facebook, Dropbox, and their own DAM platform using the Chrome extension, the article acts as an introductory evaluation and instructional cheat-sheet for beginners and veteran users alike.

The 5 Best Photo Organizing Software Programs

Another listicle from Canto’s Casey Schmidt, this time she presents five photo organising applications.  Unless you are a photographer or image library professional, you may not have heard of most of the titles mentioned.  The article present Zoner Photo Studio, digiKam, Magix Photo Manager, Faststone Image Viewer, and Canto’s own DAM platform.  The target audience for each program is slightly different, so whether you’re a mobile photographer looking for a free solution, or an organisation with complex image library needs, there’s bound to be something here to suit.

8 Ways manufacturers use their DAM to save time and money

UK open source DAM solutions provider ResourceSpace have published a blog article presenting eight features of a DAM system that can help save you and your business time and money.  Covering aspects such as efficiency, versioning, copyright, security and brand consistency, it’s acts as a fairly rudimentary and generalised common-sense guide to improving your DAM system’s efficiency with a view to increasing ROI.

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