DAM Weekly Round-Up – 3rd December 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Plan Now or Pay Later: Article by Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner featured in Journal of Digital Media Management

Michael Gellner of Modula4 and Picturepark’s David Diamond have collaborated on an article that examines, among other issues, the numerous shortcomings of ‘out of the box’ DAM solutions.  Initially focusing on the differences between customisation and configuration, this in-depth paper provides a forensic breakdown of key areas such as deciding which workflows make good candidates for automation, the problem of user adoption (and how to tackle the concerns of the users involved), when and how to develop custom interfaces, and numerous other insights and suggestions from procurement to implementation of DAM solutions.  The PDF can be downloaded here.

Solving the “Rights” Puzzle by Adding Digital Rights Management into your DAM

Digital Rights Management solutions provider FADEL are presenting a webinar on the 4th December which aims to address key topics within DAM and DRM.  The webinar will discuss DRM use cases, the limitations of metadata-based solutions, automation, best practice, and creating a business case for ROI and DRM.  You can register for the webinar here.

DAM strategic planning for 2019 and beyond

Emily Kolvitz, consultant at DAM vendor Bynder, has recently published an article that uses video gaming to analogise DAM strategic planning, specifically, comparing its missions, obstacles and end goals to game titles such as Sim City.  She concludes with a series of ‘cheat codes’ and themed hacks that aim to help you play the ‘game of DAM’ more successfully.

Fair Use Images – Understanding Your Image Rights

DAM vendor Canto’s Content Manager, Casey Schmidt, has posted a brief explanation of the concept of Fair Use, along with its implications for digital media usage in an increasingly complex and cross-pollinated digital asset landscape.  She also discusses possible solutions for organisations to protect their images, including watermarking and digital rights management.

Image Copyrighting – 3 Ways to Protect Your Pictures

Another recent blog post from Canto’s Casey Schmidt investigates three ways that companies can copyright their images.  Although copyright is automatically applied to a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work upon creation, proving copyright ownership, and taking subsequent legal action in the event of a breach is often less straight forward.  The three methods that Casey examines are: registration via a copyright office or service; applying watermarks to images; and adding the copyright symbol (©) to images as a basic deterrent.

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