DAM Weekly Round-Up – 28th January 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

DAM in a Regulatory Environment

Art Director Dario Mescia has recently published an article on LinkedIn explaining the challenges faced when using a DAM system in a regulatory environment.  In his case study, which focuses on the management of digital assets in a children’s hospital, he describes how strict compliance requirements drastically reduced the options available.  It’s an interesting read for those in a similar field.

A Day in The Life of a DAM Manager

Another LinkedIn article, this time from Henry Stewart’s Jad Fahrat, provides an interesting glimpse into the daily life of a DAM professional by way of two video interviews.  The first follows John Horodyski as he interviews Maria Efstathiou, with the second one featuring James Naylor as he shares valuable insights about his DAM experiences at Slimming World with Victor Lebon.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vs. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DAM solutions provider Widen has recently posted a blog article that attempts to explain the subtle – and not so subtle – differences between ECM and DAM systems.  By presenting the evolution, advantages and disadvantages of each system, which on the surface might both appear to provide the same functionality, the article helps to highlight a number of key points which should assist in selecting the right tool for the job.  For those who wonder about how truly innovative both DAM solutions (and the educational material about them) really is, an interesting point to note is that the article was originally written eleven years ago in 2008 – this is an updated edition

So You Think You Want a Brand Management System?

David Kindervater from BlueSky ETO marketing has posted an article that poses a number of supporting arguments for the adoption of a brand management system. From brand compliance and improved organisation through to increased productivity and greater ROI, it acts as a fairly concise vendor-agnostic introduction to brand asset management.  Also included is a local marketing case study that focuses on international coffee and donut restaurant Tim Hortons. The raft of banal and mawkish comments from numerous ‘lifestyle’ bloggers somewhat detracts from the article, however.

New uploads & downloads, webhooks, and much more news to come

Aleksandra Kolesnikova, tech writer for DAM vendor Pics.io, has posted some release notes for their platform that introduces three recent updates.  First up is improved uploads and downloads that facilitates the use of folders and sub-folders, along with tracking the progress of all asset uploads/downloads. The second update involves integration by way of their event-driven webhooks, although they admit that this is just the first step on the road to full integration. Finally, thumbnails for Sony’s ARW format are now supported – good news for photographers that wish to upload RAW files to the system.

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