DAM Weekly Round-Up – 22nd October 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

The 3 attributes of an MRM retail platform

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions provider Wedia have posted an article outlining the key attributes of an MRM platform in a retail environment.  Aimed at large retail players, it examines three concepts: 1) communication between the system’s various applications, including components such as the PIM (Product Information Management), CMS (Content Management System) and POS (Point of Sale); 2) ensuring brand continuity and content integrity by using the MRM as the ‘single source of truth’; and 3) the ability to support performance marketing, especially by leveraging AI to assist in auto-tagging workflows, moderating user-generated content and collating/mining historical data.

DAM Horror Stories – Henry Stewart Halloween Webinar

Henry Stewart Events is hosting a webinar on 31st October.  The seasonally titled event, ‘Is Your DAM a Horror Show? 6 Scary Signs to Watch Out For’, features Nuxeo’s VP of Product Marketing Uri Kogan presenting a haunted house full of nightmarish case studies and gruesome subjects that include “lumbering FrankenDAMs”, Jekyll and Hyde DAM behaviours and the nasty pitfalls, traps and dangers that might be lurking within your own DAM system.  And as registration is free, you can safely grab this treat without having to pay the ferryman.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Chris DiNenna on Digital Asset Management

Henrik de Gyor from Another DAM Podcast has recently interviewed Viking Cruises’ Content Systems Manager Chris DiNenna.  Henrik poses the usual set of questions and Chris’s replies map his journey from stock photo researcher to DAM curator and ‘gatekeeper’ after his need to reinvent himself after the recession.  He highlights the need to have tech-literate colleagues when building a DAM system, the importance of experience and mentorship for those entering the sector, and explains the challenges he faced when tailoring the DAM to suit his organisation’s needs.

Image Tagging at the Associated Press

Stuart Myles, Director of Information at news agency Associated Press has posted a slideshow explaining his organisation’s investigatory project to use image recognition to assist in applying additional metadata to their 34 million photos in order to improve searchability and simplify their auto-publishing workflow.  It’s interesting to see the results of various autotagging tests they ran, and how, like many others, they soon realised the software isn’t yet mature enough to rely upon with any degree of certainty – teething trouble that’s been around for a couple of years now.  The common conclusion they reach is that a hybrid approach is currently the best way to proceed.

Reasons Why Your DAM May Not Be Working the Way You Hoped

Logan Fleck, Marketing Director at DAM vendor MerlinOne has recently posted an article that examines the possible reasons why a DAM strategy might not be working, along with a number of potential routes you might consider in order to improve it.  His first broad point highlights the lack of standardisation within the DAM industry, and how this subsequently cascades down and can often translate into a do-nothing policy for metadata, categorisation and tagging, resulting in a chaotic system.  Other issues include fussy API integrations and a general lack of compliance when it comes to best practice. The guidance offered includes the importance of taking a flexible approach, prioritising the required features, having a user compliance policy in place that actively encourages and supports metadata standards throughout the workflow and digital supply chain, and keeping an open dialogue running with your DAM vendor.

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