DAM Weekly Round-Up – 21st January 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Rebecca Schneider on Digital Asset Management

This week sees Henrik de Gyor interviewing content strategist Rebecca Schneider.  Currently acting as Executive Director at AvenueCX, with a background in library sciences, Rebecca responds to the usual set of questions and provides some interesting insights into subjects such as empathetic marketing, the challenges behind managing vast amounts of digital assets, and the importance of educating DAM users about content strategy.

How DAM Will Impact the Future of Digital Marketing

DAM vendor Widen have recently posted an article that predicts the future of digital marketing and how consumers will inevitably “live” marketing, rather than be “targets” of it.  It sounds like a rather dystopian future to me, but the post explains how storytelling will continue to hold centre stage in marketing, and with the increasing use of immersive marketing, and the integration of technologies such as virtual reality, the ultimate personalisation of the consumer experience will invariably place content, and thus DAM systems, at the core of the whole digital marketing supply chain.

Recycled clothing finds new life with NetX

DAM solutions provider NetX have published an interesting case study on their blog. The Renewal Workshop is a leading provider of “circular solutions” (i.e. recycling) for popular clothing brands, and their target is to save a million pounds of apparel out of landfills by 2025. The article explains how the use of a DAM system has enabled them to unify their assets such as photography and brand material in order to streamline their numerous workflows and online campaigns, with the reuse of digital assets mirroring the real-world textiles they recycle.

Digizuite™ Media Manager 5 is here! Major DAM software release

DAM vendor Digizuite have just announced the release of a new major version of their Media Manager software.  Version five boasts an entirely revamped UI, a host of new features, and improved overall management of digital assets. They’ve also scheduled two upcoming webinars for the last week of January, which you are invited to sign up for here.

How DAM Content Integration Is Critical to a Unified Customer Experience

A recent post on CMSWire from DAM vendor OpenText begins a four part series on customer experience (CX).  This first instalment outlines the concept of a unified customer experience, and how a capable and connected DAM system is a critical component of the digital media supply chain, responsible for feeding content into multiple channels such as marketing and product management.  The unification of the customer experience relies on the unification of the underlying channels and technologies, and with over 50% of companies using no less than eleven channels, it’s no mean feat.

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