DAM Weekly Round-Up – 20th August 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Getting Organized: Taxonomies, Keywords and Tags

This handy little entrée into categorisation and tagging from Canto explains the fundamental roles of taxonomy and metadata within DAM systems.  It makes some noteworthy distinctions between keywords and tags and how they sit in the taxonomy hierarchy.  Although the information and examples are tailored towards their own platform, the tips are relevant to any DAM platform and should provide a good starting point fpr increasing the findability of your assets.

1 Million Assets

An interesting podcast episode (transcript available) documenting the migration of 1 million assets belonging to car insurance provider Progressive Insurance, scattered across various locations, into Widen’s new ‘Collective’ DAM system.  The article describes the migration process, how they prioritised the content, dealt with user roles, and how they managed to prune over half of the original assets.

Elvis DAM and Swivle Case Studies

For the more curious DAM enthusiast, or those wishing to procure a new DAM solution, Cyangate have presented two new case studies, both using versions of Widen DAM platforms – their flagship system Elvis, and its lite version Swivle.  The businesses involved are BrassCraft – a plumbing manufacturing outfit; and the Union for Reform Judaism.  Along with basic technical details, the case studies outline company-specific requirements and implementation outcomes.

The new Swivle agent, which allows browser integration with desktop software, was also recently reviewed here on DAM News.

The Tech Stack Every Real Estate Company Needs

OpenAsset have recently published an article outlining what they consider to be the essential technical toolkit for real estate businesses.  Although the title is slightly misleading in that the article only considers the marketing side of operations (i.e. it ignores the nuts ‘n’ bolts software responsible for property sourcing and syndication, mortgage brokering, financial, payroll etc.), it’s still a worthwhile read if you’ve got time to ponder best practice or a vague interest in the tech behind property marketing.

How to Set Up Real-Time Photo Workflow

PhotoShelter’s proprietary DAM solution, Libris, is to broadcast a live Webinar on 22nd August at 2pm (US Eastern Time).  The webinar promises to provide a walkthrough for setting up a wireless FTP photo workflow, along with the common challenges faced when setting up time-critical content delivery methods such as sports broadcasts and live event coverage.  The webinar will also contain a Q&A session and the chance to learn a few tricks from other creative teams.

What is Stock Photo Rights Management?

DAM solutions provider MerlinOne have published an article explaining the basics of stock photo rights management.  Although tailored towards their own DAM system, the information can be applied to any platform and media types other than photos.  The article should also furnish you with a basic understanding of rights managed content, the difference between royalty-free and licensed content, and what’s involved in the basic workflow for authorising and managing stock-based assets.

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