DAM Weekly Round-Up – 18th March 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Crisis, What DAM Crisis?

My co-contributor Ralph Windsor has recently posted an article in response to Ian Matzen’s excellent piece on the decline of professional DAM staff and its insidious effect on the industry.  Ralph takes the debate further and investigates the numerous reasons behind the looming crisis, including common myths such as the promise of software replacing staff, the feminisation of librarian type roles, and the ill-informed, upside-down decisions being made by executives based solely on the cost of the technology.

How Much Does a DAM System Cost?

CMSWire has just published an article summarising the results of the recent DAM News 2018 Vendor Pricing Survey.  As the DAM industry’s only source of pricing data, the piece investigates the themes and trends unearthed by the current report, along with highlighting the continuing reluctance and ambiguity surrounding vendor pricing strategies.  A free excerpt of the full report is available at the DAM whitepapers site, which can be purchased at a reduced price until 31st March.

20 e-Commerce Pros Share the Most Important Considerations for Scaling e-Commerce Product Photography

DAM solutions provider MerlineOne have published a great article concerning best practice and workflow advice for anyone involved in the production and publication of scalable product photography.  Comprising a series of responses from 20 industry professionals, the invaluable insights cover everything from lighting and equipment, through to the benefits of using third-party outfits to gain consistent results, and the importance of a well-organised post-production workflow.  Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a solo creative on Etsy, this is a must-read for anyone preparing product images.

Five signs that vendors influenced an analyst report

Real Story Group have donned their deerstalker and magnifying glass in this quasi-investigative article that examines the problem of skewed vendor whitepapers and reports, and how you might go about detecting the tricksy language and euphemisms they often employ.  Refreshingly, RSG aren’t pulling too many punches here, and the five pointers they provide should act as a solid rap sheet for those attempting to decode ‘vendor speak’ and gauge the validity of the claims they make.

EMMsphere Webinar: Digital Asset Ingestion – Achieving the Right Blend of Technology, Structure & Process

Services provider and martech consultants EMMsphere have recently announced the first of their 2019 series of webinars.  The subject of the upcoming event, scheduled for March 26th, is digital asset ingestion – the task of initially importing assets into your DAM system, along with tagging and organisation prior to its use.  Along with focusing on the technology itself, the webinar aims to give due focus to other important aspects of the ingestion process such as structure, process and governance.  Although the webinar is based around Microstock Solution’s large-scale ingestion technology, the takeaways should be relevant to any DAM platform. The speakers are Microstock’s Mark Milstein and EMMsphere’s VP Francisco Ruiz.

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