DAM Weekly Round-Up – 15th October 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

How to Write an RFP for a Digital Asset Management System: A 10-Step Guide

Jens Lundgard has recently posted an article on CMSWire outlining a number of common issues with RFPs when choosing DAM vendors.  The key issue he highlights is that many RFP responses take the form a tick-box exercise, which often overlooks the finer details of a DAM system and masks any shortcomings it may have in performing particular tasks.  Jens provides a top ten list of requirements that should help your RFP target the most important aspects and cover all bases.

Image File .ai – a Comprehensive Breakdown

If you’ve ever wondered what the ai image format is, a recent Canto blog post might provide the answers you’re looking for.  Most of us are well acquainted with common raster formats such as JPEG and GIF, but when it comes to vector images (those that can scale without any pixelation), we often have the need for them, but lack the skills or software to work with them.  When preparing large format artwork for physical print jobs such as posters and banners, vector formats are the industry standard.  The article presents a number of pros and cons when considering their use.

How to Ensure Your DAM and Archive Systems Will Work Hand in Hand

An advertorial from DAM solutions provider Evolphin presents a number of factors to consider when archiving finished projects.  In today’s increasingly fast-paced turnaround of media-based campaigns, storage space can rapidly be exhausted and encroach on the active workflow by creating storage or processing bottlenecks and unnecessary ‘noise’ in your architecture.  This article – with plugs for both XenData archive solutions and Evolphin’s own platform – lists a number of issues that content creators are likely to encounter.  From automation to API support, it acts as a basic primer on how to evaluate your needs if you’re just starting out on the archival journey.

QBank Announce Reverse Image Search

DAM provider QBank have recently announced that a reverse image search feature is to be rolled out this autumn.  It’s just one of a raft of vendors that are now introducing AI-type functionality into their DAM systems.  This follows on from an article they posted earlier this year where they first announced that they were working on integrating Google Vision into their platform.  The reverse image search will assist in finding similar images, weeding out duplicates and also provides the option of reusing tags from matching images, thus reducing the time spent on preparing metadata.


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