DAM Weekly Round-Up – 14th January 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

10 Things on the 10th January: DAM Summit NY, Metadata for Art, Linked or Unlinked Data and a little Data Science

Take a little DAM time out with another instalment of Tracey Wolfe‘s (aka Mod Librarian) denary series.  This month’s listicle includes the NY 2019 DAM Summit, big data at Netflix, data culture and governance, and how DAM can help the EU with GDPR.

Storing Video in Your DAM with the Mezzanine File Format

For anyone that works with video, DAM vendor Widen have recently published an article that attempts to answer the question “What’s the best video format to upload into my DAM?”, and explain what a mezzanine file or format is.  In a nutshell, a mezzanine file is an interim format with a lower resolution and bandwidth than the master, but which is sufficient to be used as the source content for most contexts such as web, marketing and distribution.  Its main purpose is to simplify the plethora of available video formats, codecs and wrappers and make a more accessible and portable central format.

7 Essential Digital Asset Management Best Practices

DAM solutions provider MerlinOne have posted an article that takes a look at some ‘best practices’ within a DAM system.  Of course, there’s not really such a thing as best practice in the chaotic and unregulated free-for-all ecosystem that is Digital Asset Management, but it doesn’t hurt to have another checklist that highlights and audits the basic features, workflows, permissions and usage rights options within a DAM system.  To be fair, the points made are all quite valid, so it’s worth a read if you’re just starting out on your DAM journey.

From Envisioning Art to Embedding It with Metadata: A Dialogue with Margaret Warren

A fascinating interview with artist and technologist Margaret Warren has recently surfaced on the blog of philosopher, web content specialist and author of ‘The Brave New Text‘ Teodora Petkova.  The article, which unexpectedly joins a few dots between such esoteric concepts as digital memories, psychedelics and information ‘auras’, takes the form of a question and answer session.  Through the numerous twists and turns of this dialogue, we soon realise that Margaret is no mystic charlatan, and her image annotation and metadata platform ‘ImageSnippets‘ demonstrates her obvious capability as a technologist, whilst her passion, creativity and somewhat left field approach to linked data and the semantic web make this a very interesting read indeed.

2019 – Upcoming Live Webinars from Third Light

Media software vendor Third Light have announced a series of upcoming live webinars showcasing their Chorus digital media library software.  Hosted by training manager and senior consultant Martin Cox, the sessions aims to “explain the structure of a digital media library site and how all its different elements work throughout a project life-cycle.”  The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23rd at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (UK time).

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