DAM Weekly Round-Up – 11th March 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

The Coming DAM Crisis

Ian Matzen has recently published an article on his Tame Your Assets blog highlighting the current crisis in the DAM profession.  With practitioners abandoning ship to join vendors or consultants, and DAM positions being left unfilled for months, Ian suggests that companies are still woefully unaware of the importance and range of skills such professionals can bring to their organisation.  He also discusses the problem of identifying promotional routes for DAM managers, who are often incorrectly deemed as redundant once a working solution has been implemented.

Taxonomies in Support of Search

Taxonomist, DAM Librarian and author of the Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden has posted an in-depth article examining the role of taxonomies within a search context, and how they can be leveraged to provide more refined and contextual results.  The article compares a number of techniques including traditional search, faceted search, post-search refinements (search within results) and knowledge graphs, and presents the mechanics of each, along with their advantages and shortcomings.  You can catch Heather at her upcoming ‘Taxonomy and Metadata Design‘ event on the 25th March.

Digital Asset Management for WordPress: Tips & Best Practices

With over 30% of the internet running on the WordPress platform, it’s perhaps one of the most ubiquitous CMS (Content Management Systems) there’s ever been.  In a recent post, DAM vendor MerlinOne raise the issue of managing digital assets within WordPress and how its workflow isn’t ideal if your assets are stored elsewhere.  MerlinOne offers WordPress integration that facilitates rights-management, formatting tools, distribution and one-click publishing.

Can your DAM Keep a Wave on the Sand?

DAM solutions provider Nuxeo have posted a blog article that examines risk management within a Digital Asset Management system, specifically, how the control mechanisms responsible for enforcing rights management, moderating user-generated or ‘regulated’ content, and ensuring the correct use of assets need to be flexible and work in tandem with the existing DAM workflow.  Although it’s a thinly-disguised advertisement for their own platform (with an oddly obscure title that references The Sound of Music), it nonetheless makes a number of valid points and observations concerning DAM security and compliance standards.

The People, Process, and Technology Behind DAM Selection – Scott Sharp

Digital Asset Management vendor Widen present a case study in a recent article about Canadian airline WestJet’s creative operations advisor Scott Sharp, and how he went about procuring a DAM system for his organisation.  We follow Scott’s journey from the genesis stage of making a business case for DAM, building the RFP and involving stakeholders through to the selection criteria, integration needs and his ultimate reasons for deciding to opt for Widen’s ‘Collective’ solution.

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