DAM Vendors Pricing Survey – Last Call For Participation

DAM News is in the process of setting up a vendor pricing survey to get a better idea of the range of fees being applied for DAM software (and associated services).  We have already contacted those firms who are registered on damvendors.com and currently around 30 have expressed an interest.

A detailed report using the data resulting from the survey will be written and anonymised copies of the raw data will be supplied (so it will be possible to see the full responses, but not who submitted them).  The report will be made available on the DAM Whitepapers website and those vendors who agree to participate will get this for free so they can see how they compare with their peers.  A short profile of each vendor will be included in the findings also.

The survey will be issued to vendors in the next couple of weeks.  There is a form herehttp://damvendors.com/pricing-survey/  where vendors can indicate their interest (anyone who has already completed this does not need to do it again).  Vendors must have an approved damvendors.com profile so we know that those filling out the survey definitely operate in the DAM software market.  If you do not have a published profile and want to join in, ensure you finalise it in the next few days, please note: it must be have been submitted and verified by an administrator.

I have had some feedback from a few firms that they believe the value offered by their solution is more important than the price.  I have some sympathy with that perspective, however, it is difficult making accurate ROI assessments if you don’t know what kind of investment you might be required to make (especially when it comes to debating this point with internal bean counters and their ilk) and cost is always likely to be a factor that gets a lot of attention (justified or otherwise).

I have a number of hypothesis about DAM pricing and how this is currently approached by vendors based on my own anecdotal evidence, but it will be interesting to see how many of these are born out by the facts (at least as they are offered by the firms who complete the survey).  If you are a vendor and you want to be involved, this is your last opportunity to participate.

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