DAM News Round-Up – 9th January 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Digital Brand Compliance: A Content Marketing Concern Across Industries

Licensing and rights management platform provider FADEL takes a look at the challenges of managing media content and brand compliance, and the growth of in-house media and brand asset management.  The article also contains descriptions of digital brand compliance within a number of common environments, including DAM, DRM and Content Quality Systems, along with a useful checklist of what to look for in a brand compliance suite.

Digital Asset Management in 2023: What’s in store for the industry?

This recent post from Digital Asset Management software vendor ResourceSpace presents a summary of the last year in DAM, and predictions for the year ahead.  Topics covered include the growing role of AI and machine learning and the inevitable crossover between AI-based image technology and DAM, the growing number of acquisitions and market consolidation in the DAM sector, and how an integrated DAM solution is set to become the keystone of the modern technology stack as opposed to acting as a mere digital asset repository.

Digital transformation for publishers: Dos and don’ts in digital publishing

Dani Leyhue, Product Manager at DAM vendor WoodWing, shares her expertise and insights in this masterclass webinar video.  Featuring over an hour of practical advice, tips and examples, Dani covers a broad range of digital publishing topics, including channel-neutral publishing workflows, the challenges faced when transitioning from traditional print-centric operations to a digital ecosystem, multi-channel publishing, optimisation of digital content, and what to look for when expanding your content delivery channels.

DAM Workflow Guide

If you’re new to Digital Asset Management and could do with some additional guidance on setting up your technology stack and managing your workflows, this recent blog post from DAM software provider Pics.io provides an introduction to the various components of a typical DAM workflow.  Topics covered include digital asset creation, ingestion, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution.  A number of different scenarios are also explored, for example, a collaborative or approval-based workflow compared to an archival or transactional one (e.g. a stock image library).  A summary of the digital asset life cycle is also provided, along with the benefits of implementing an efficient DAM workflow.  For a more in-depth look at the skills required for effective digital asset lifecycle management, why not check out this article from DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor (free subscription required).

7 Tag Taxonomy Best Practices for Strategic Tagging

Digital Asset Management software provider Lytho offer up a series of tagging and taxonomy tips for getting the best results from your DAM system’s search capabilities.  Topics include a basic description of tags, categories and their overarching structure, the various types of tag categories available, and seven best-practice tips for creating your own DAM taxonomy.  A worthwhile read for anyone tasked with planning a new DAM initiative or those considering an overhaul of their current platform to improve search performance.

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