DAM News Round-Up – 9th December 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Carol Thomas-Knipes on Digital Asset Management Sustainability

Another DAM Podcast has recently published the audio recording of Carol Thomas-Knipes’ presentation from the Insight Exchange Network’s DAM Summit back in January.  Sharing advice and tips on managing the long-term sustainability of DAM, Carol also covers the topics of DAM champions, identifying content providers and consumers, and how to ensure an organisation’s DAM system is both relevant and useful.  An accompanying presentation is also available for free download.

Guru Talk: Deb Fanslow – ICP

An interview with Digital Librarian and DAM professional Deb Fanslow has recently been posted to the DAM Guru Program website.  Tracing her career from earning her MLIS degree and content stewardship in an academic environment, Deb talks us through her progress, including private sector appointments such as asset management for Campbell’s Soup to her current position as content curation and governance for Creative Operations outfit ICP.  Deb also explains how she learned DAM, along with some useful tips for those wishing to enter the industry. For more information on all things DAM, you can check out Deb’s website, The DAM Librarian.

How Enterprise Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Must Shift in 2020

Chief Strategist for Artificial Intelligence platform PROS, Michael Wu, has written a piece exploring the issue of slow adoption of AI within enterprises, and how 2020 should see more widespread uptake as numerous challenges are tackled.  The article focuses on the importance of human emotional factors, and the role they play in assessing the risk – and fear – from AI decisions that have the potential to go wrong.  Michael continues to explore empathic, accountable and ethical AI systems, and how “augmented intelligence”, namely the joint partnership of humans and AI, should culminate in a shift towards more advanced and reliable systems.  This detailed and well-constructed forecast is a must-read for anyone considering implementing enterprise-wide AI in the coming year.

RFP Templates – What They Are and How to Build Yours

Digital Asset Manager software vendor Canto has posted a short guide to RFPs (Request for Proposals) and how to go about writing your own.  Although a very basic template is included, there’s more to building an RFP than initially meets the eye, so you might want to check out this article from last year to learn about the inherent shortcomings of the format, along with a 10-point checklist.

DAM China Connect – Interview with Jason Lau

Community initiative, DAM China Connect have published an interview with Jason Lau, Product Operations Lead for freight forwarding company Flexport.  As an international logistics business, Flexport might not be the most obvious candidate for a DAM initiative, yet the pain-points that Flexport were facing, such as a lack of centralised training material and a disparate suite of tools and communication channels, are common to many industries.  Outlining his role as Operations Enablement Lead, Michael explains his strategy when selecting DAM solutions and vendors, and how the DAM needs to evolve in order to keep up with Flexport’s continuing growth.

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