DAM News Round-Up – 8th November 2021

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Run Your Food Delivery Business the Right Way With Digital Asset Management

DAM software provider Pics.io turn their attention to food delivery businesses in this recent blog post.  Using a hypothetical start-up business, the article runs through a series of scenarios where enthusiasm simply isn’t enough to succeed in an already saturated market.  Tips include advice on which productivity tools to use and how the numerous features of a DAM system can help to create unified and manageable workflows across your promotional, marketing and internal processes.

Our Top 3 Tips on Cleaning Out Your DAM Solution

This recent article from Digital Asset Management solutions provider QBank provides some tips on how to clear out your DAM system and free up storage space by purging it of unwanted or superfluous assets.  Advice includes using filters to identify obsolete assets, getting rid of duplicates, and shelving rarely used assets by archiving them.  Although the guidance is primarily aimed at their own system, it can be applied to any DAM.

IPTC Announces New Properties in Photo Metadata to Make Images More Accessible

IPTC, the global standards body for news media, has just announced a number of new properties in photographic metadata which should allow developers and publishers to make the assets more accessible to visually impaired users and those using assistive technology such as screen readers.  The updated standards, which include embedded alt(ernative) text and extended descriptions, are due to be launched on 4th November 2021

A Model for Brand Asset Management

DAM vendor Widen take a holistic view at brand asset management (BAM), and by way of a series of case studies, present their four phase approach: Create, Manage, Distribute, and Analyze.  The model is supported by a number of illustrations, with a technical breakdown of each phase and additional DAM-related concepts.  The more astute reader will notice that the model is unsurprisingly similar to the digital asset lifecycle from which it is derived (origination, management, distribution, and preservation).

6 Marketing Lessons Learned Over the Last 18 Months

With Christmas approaching and global supply chains still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, employing successful and efficient marketing strategies has become more important than ever.  In this article, Chief Marketing Officer, Lacey Ford presents six key lessons that she’s learned in the last year and a half.  Guidance includes the importance of being flexible, the reliability of data-driven iterative campaigns using A/B testing, using website personalisation to boost sales, improving your omni-channel strategy, ensuring your digital experiences are accessible, and tips on mastering your budget.

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