DAM News Round-Up – 7th November 2022

A selection of Digital Asset Management related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Why Personalized Experiences Need a DAM at the Core

This recent article from marketing technologist Timur Asar presents his thoughts on the reasons behind the recent growth in the DAM market.  First and foremost is the recent pandemic, and how the necessity to share digital information shifted focus to improving existing systems and adopting new working methods.  Aside from the personalisation features of DAM, Timur also discusses the benefits of DAM with regards to the recent economic downturn, the increasing demands on marketing and creative teams, and frustration with poor content discoverability.

10 questions for an AI Ethicist : Ravit Dotan

With the growing popularity of AI-based art generation platforms such as Midjourney and DALL-E, the thorny issue of bias and ethics has come to the fore.  This recent interview from visual tech publication Kaptur poses a number of pertinent questions to AI Ethicist Ravit Dotan.  Topics covered include censorship and oppression, the role of social responsibility when training machine learning algorithms, and whether there needs to be an ethics tribunal dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Get more views with shorts

Recently launched video service Skimli uses AI-powered computer vision to detect the most important and interesting shots in video clips, allowing users to save time reviewing and editing clips.  Skimli is currently free to use during this phase of development, with users being able to upload video files of up to 2GB in size in most popular formats including mp4, wbm, mov, wmv, mkv and avi.  Video URLs can also be submitted (e.g. from YouTube).

Interview with Joel Bellenson about Synthetic Media

Henrik de Gyor’s most recent interviewee on his synthetic media podcast site is Upstream Biosciences CEO Joel Bellenson.  Offering candid and thought-provoking insights and personal philosophies, Joel talks us through his experience across such diverse and pioneering fields as genomics, digitising scent, and his most recent venture using artificial intelligence to assist in the discovery of drugs to treat African Sleeping Sickness, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.

Newly released: Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resources

This recent article from the Collections Trust introduces the Trans Metadata Collective – a new initiative made up of almost 100 cataloguers, librarians, archivists and information professionals aiming to improve the quality of descriptions and classification of trans and gender diverse individuals in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM.  An interesting read for anyone involved in the arts and digital classification systems.

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