DAM News Round-Up – 7th June 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Improve Your Asset Tagging Skills in 7 Steps

If you’re finding that your tagging procedure has taken a back seat, or your search results aren’t yielding expected results, this recent article from DAM software provider Pics.io could help improve the discoverability of your digital assets.  Tips include striking a balance between too few and too many keywords, maintaining consistency, being aware of context, spelling mistakes, and forcing users to tag assets to ensure nothing falls outside of the radar.

Taxonomy Design Research

Taxonomy expert and author Heather Hedden takes a detailed look at taxonomy research, and how a lack of literature and formalised tools can often result in its importance being overlooked.  With a series of actionable tips and insights, the article represents a solid starting point for those tasked with designing and implementing their own taxonomy, or simply wish to explore the research methods involved.

3 Communication Strategies For Successful DAM Adoption

DAM services provider CyanGate explore the three key components that underpin a successful DAM adoption strategy.  Starting with the basic premise that users are often hesitant to learn something new, this brief but concise article covers the fundamentals of awareness, training, and user support.  Tips include the benefits of scheduling a staggered roll-out, providing video tuition and regular training sessions, and ensuring there’s sufficient mechanisms in place to open a meaningful two-way dialogue with your users.

Eric Fulmer Interview

Vice President of Operations for studio management software ShotFlow, Eric Fulmer, is the latest professional to be interviewed by DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor.  Eric explains, along with some biographical tidbits and insights, how his company has designed a new martech category labelled Studio Production Management (SPM) – a technology that pulls together the various creative content and DAM processes into a more manageable and integrated workflow.

Information Governance Is Boring, But Necessary

Digital transformation and AI-powered information management expert Alan Pelz-Sharpe takes a look at data governance and provides a number of practical methods that can be used to make it a more engaging topic.  With a brief definition of governance, Alan explores the reluctance surrounding its adoption, especially when it comes to systems that introduce machine learning (ML) to the process.  It’s intriguing to see how semantics play such a crucial role in the uptake of governance technologies:  simply swapping the term ‘record’ with ‘file’ had an immediate impact on buy-in from management, and by dropping the term ‘AI’ and stating that ML was useless without their expertise, users were far more willing to embrace new technology.

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