DAM News Round-Up – 7th December 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Differing Definitions of Ontologies

Taxonomist and author of The Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden continues her series of definition articles, this week breaking down the differing meanings of the term Ontology.  With accompanying illustrations and diagrams, Heather’s concise and detailed explanations should help provide a solid understanding of ontology components including their numerous properties, classes and relationships.

schema.org update for better mapping to IPTC Photo Metadata

schema.org is the standard by which website owners can make the metadata for the content, products and wide range of other data available to search engines and third party services.  This recent article from IPTC draws attention to the release of version 11 of the schema last week, along with details of the updated properties and schema used in Google Images search results.

Best Practices to Ensure Successful DAM Training

Digital Asset Management software provider MediaValet‘s Customer Success Manager Simrin Purhar explores four best practices to consider when setting up and delivering your DAM training.  User adoption can make or break a DAM initiative, so ensuring that your training strategy is tailored for each user group is Simrin’s primary recommendation.  Other tips include prioritising information to prevent overwhelming the user, delivering content is small bite-size units, and making sure your training material is kept up to date.

IPTC’s Michael Steidl at BVPA webinar

Another post from global news standards organisation IPTC presents a webinar from its Photo Metadata Working Group Lead Michael Steidl, which he recently delivered to the Federal Association of Professional Image Providers in Germany.  Covering the latest developments and improvements in Google Images licensing, Michael explains how the new features – including the ‘Licensable Badge’ – can potentially turn image searches into a potential marketplace, along with practicable tips on how to use the tools and the possible economic risks involved.

Image Management: What It Is (and 7 Use Cases)

DAM and BAM (Brand Asset Management) platform provider Brandfolder present a series of tips to improve your image management in this recent blog post.  The fairly detailed guide provides a broad description of image management, along with why an organisation would need one, and the various different flavours that are available.  The article concludes with a list of features and capabilities to look out for when considering an image management system, such as organisation, storage capacity, shareability, rights management, and analytics.  Although ultimately tailored for their own solutions, it’s a decent enough guide if you’re new to the management of large volumes of image or video content and not sure where to begin.

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