DAM News Round-Up – 7th August 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Knowledge Graphs and Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a closer look at knowledge graphs and the growing awareness of their relationship with taxonomies, thesauri and controlled vocabularies due to their inclusion in knowledge graphs for labelling purposes.  Heather provides a detailed breakdown of knowledge graphs from both a taxonomical and data perspective, and how it is important to include their purpose along with their components in order to provide a complete definition.  For more information, Heather will be a guest speaker at a free Knowledge Graphs for Information Professionals webinar taking place on August 17th.

Digital Asset Management User Groups: Identifying, Equipping, and Engaging Your Users

This recent blog post from Digital Asset Management consultants Stacks explores a number of tips and techniques to cater for the differing needs of DAM user groups.  Guidance includes identifying your organisation’s user groups based on what they actually need from the DAM system, such as those that might require access to quickly view and download specific digital assets, regular users that need a single source of truth, and finally, users that have more complex requirements such as dynamic workflows and integrations with other systems such as CMS or PIM.  Additional aspects of implementing a DAM user group management strategy such as training, governance and ongoing engagement are also touched upon.  For more information relating to the topic of DAM users, I’ve recently published a feature article entitled ‘Ten Steps to Improving DAM User Adoption‘.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Asset Management

This grand claim comes from a recent blog post by DAM software provider IntelligenceBank.  Although I’m sceptical that just over two-and-a-half thousand words is sufficient enough to be regarded as any type of definitive DAM grimoire, there’s enough distilled information to act as a basic primer for those that are after a cheat-sheet type introduction to Digital Asset Management.  The article covers definitions, potential benefits, asset types, typical features, and how to choose, implement and maintain a DAM system.

New “digital source type” term added to support inpainting and outpainting in Generative AI

The global standards body for news media, IPTC, have continued to chase the rapid evolution and proliferation of generative AI content by announcing that they’ve recently approved another addition to their Digital Source Type controlled vocabulary.  The new term, ‘Composite with Trained Algorithmic Media‘, has been introduced to denote digital assets that have utilised inpainting and outpainting techniques to extend an image or video with AI-generated content (such as those used by DALL-E, and Adobe’s recent Generative Fill feature).

Discover the new features in ResourceSpace 10.2

UK DAM software vendor ResourceSpace have announced a number of new features in version 10.2 of their platform.  The recent roll-out includes a range of UX, UI and functional improvements, including the ability to pick dates from a calendar instead of manually entering them, custom sort directions for search results, support for animated GIF previews, more flexible metadata field management, the introduction of a tabbed interface when viewing resources, and the option to require compliance and consent before allowing uploads from external contacts.

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