DAM News Round-Up – 6th March 2023

A series of DAM related articles from around the web. sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

U.S. Copyright Office Clarifies Limits of Copyright for AI-Generated Works

This recent article from IPWatchdog highlights a recent case that could have serious implications for creators using AI-assisted image generation applications such as DALL-E and Midjourney.  Although the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO) has partly upheld Kristina Kashtanova‘s copyright claim for the ‘human’ elements of her graphic novel ‘Zarya of the Dawn’, the USCO have stated that the claim will not extend to covering those elements that have been generated using Midjourney.  This decision from USCO suggests that AI-assisted artworks – technically not created by humans – will not be eligible for copyright protection and instead be considered as public domain works.

The AI Adoption Mindset: Augmentation and Collaboration

As Artificial Intelligence gains more of a foothold in our everyday applications and workflows, this blog post takes stock of the current situation and advises us to take a moment and exercise caution before handing over control to technologies that are still not fully understood, and as such, are often adopted without due diligence and poorly implemented.  Topics covered include being aware that AI should augment human efforts as opposed to replacing them, managing expectations of the real-world capabilities of AI, and striving for transparency to avoid introducing bias into your processes.

DAM Month: Transforming the Way Creative People Work

Digital Asset Management solution provider PhotoShelter take the transition of the seasons as an opportunity to present a month-long series of articles to help inspire and boost your digital transformation efforts.  Tips and insights will include DAM basics and innovation, how to revolutionise your creative processes, how DAM is empowering global brands, and Trendsetters – advice from cutting-edge creatives.  In this first instalment, a number of marketing trends that are piloted in the sports industry are explored, including influencer marketing, AI, philanthropy, collectibles and the role of brand ambassadors.

The Three Top DAM Productivity Reports You’ll Need This Year

DAM vendor Tenovos team up with John Horodyski to present three key reports that can assist in improving your DAM system’s productivity and help demonstrate ROI to those holding the purse-strings.  Each report is presented with a breakdown of the type of information and metrics it should contain, and cover user adoption, DAM efficiency, and savings and ROI.  A worthwhile read for anyone tasked with building a business case for a new or replacement DAM initiative.

The Future of Digital Asset Management (DAM)

This recent article from Creative Operations presents a number of insights into the current state of Digital Asset Management by way of a Q&A session with two DAM vendors – CELUM and WoodWing.  The questions cover basic DAM definitions, how DAM is being used, what the future of DAM looks like, and what the two companies are doing to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.  The format is very similar to our own long-running DAM Interview series, where you can discover a broad range of insights, opinions and advice from over 100 DAM professionals.

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