DAM News Round-Up – 6th December 2021

A collection of recent DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

DAM for Archiving: The Best Way to Preserve History

Digital Asset Management software provider MediaValet discuss the role of DAM within an archiving context.  The article highlights three key beneficial features of DAM when preserving historical assets: better search capabilities and discoverability; flexible user access permissions; and advanced security for sensitive historical records.  The post also provides a case study focusing on the U.S. Naval Institute’s use of DAM to digitize its archive of over 200,000 assets.

How to Elevate Your Fashion Brand with Digital Asset Management

As Christmas approaches, many fashion brands are looking to increase the visibility and appeal of their products, yet in such an unpredictable and whimsical industry, staying ahead of the competition means having the ability to change with it.  This recent blog post from DAM vendor Pics.io provides a number of tips and insights on tailoring your workflow to mitigate this inherent unpredictability.  Advice includes tagging, indexing and categorisation for improved findability, tips to maintain brand consistency, and the use of watermarks and user roles to prevent unsuitable assets from being used.

What is Good Brand Management in 2022?

Brand Asset Management solution provider Brandworkz take a look at what constitutes a successful brand management strategy in 2022 and beyond.  Digging deeper than a great logo and colour palette, the articles covers a series of tips including knowing your audience and demographic, maintaining consistency and coherence across multiple channels and platforms, keeping abreast of your brand’s perception and any potential negative connotations via ‘social media listening’, and making sure your brand guidelines and its associated assets are optimised, approved, and up-to-date.

The Evolution of Digital Asset Management: Expanding in Scope and Importance

This recent post from DAM provider Wedia maps the evolution of Digital Asset Management, from its lowly beginnings as a standalone media library, through its role as a single source of truth, and on to its current manifestation as the central hub for digital content management and omni-channel marketing technology stacks, also referred to as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).  Moving forward, one notable absence from Wedia’s vision of the future is the ability for DAMs to integrate with content providers such as stock libraries, and via the use of AI, to even generate its own synthetic content on demand.

Content Operations

Recently acquired Digital Asset Management software provider Widen have published a guide to content operations.  Information includes a brief description, who needs it, how it’s implemented, and how content operations strategies relate to the digital asset content lifecycle.  A worthwhile read for anyone looking for an easy-to-digest overview of this broad, and often vague series of processes, people, and technologies.

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