DAM News Round-Up – 5th June 2023

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

AI licensing for photography

Visual tech professional Paul Melcher takes a look at how generative AI could impact the way we use, license and distribute digital content in the future.  The article raises a number of important issues, including who owns such content, and how traditional licensing models and mechanisms based on ownership and copyright will need to evolve and adapt in order to keep up with this new technology.  Paul also discusses the possibility of using AI itself to dynamically generate licenses, and whether such an approach would prove to be too complex for everyday users.

GenAI for DAM: first look at Adobe Firefly

Digital Content Operations Lead Kristin Burns explores Adobe’s latest generative AI offering, Firefly.  Now out of beta, the platform offers six different functions: text to image, generative fill, text effects, generative recolour, 3D to image, and extend image.  Kristin highlights a number of shortcomings that are also present in other GenAI platforms such as problems rendering hands and faces.  The generative fill feature is already creating quite a buzz on social media, with some seriously impressive results.

Can We Fix Artificial Intelligence’s Serious PR Problem?

This recent post from tech writer Scott Clark investigates the public perception of AI, and how, in contrast to the meteoric rise of platforms such as ChatGPT, trust in artificial intelligence is declining at an increasing rate due to concerns surrounding job security, fears that AI poses an existential threat to humanity, and a general mistrust of so-called Big Tech due to a lack of transparency in their systems.  The topic of deepfakes is also covered, along with the ease at which bad actors are able to create incredibly convincing content and spread misinformation. A detailed and engaging read.

DAM software for company’s internal content management

The challenge of keeping on top of your company’s internal digital content and communications is explored in this recent article from DAM software provider Pics.io.  Topics include version control, using facial recognition to identify employees in photos, ensuring your metadata is well maintained in order to improve discoverability of your digital assets, and relying on third-party integrations to connect with tools such as project management systems, cloud storage and collaboration platforms.  Guidance also includes some useful tips on user onboarding and training

Marketing and AI: Using AI as a Marketing Intern

Digital Asset Management vendor MediaValet present part two of their three-part series on marketing and AI.  In this post, we learn how using AI as a virtual marketing intern can help streamline workflows by automating repetitive and time-intensive tasks such as scheduling social media posts and adding personalisation to email campaigns.  Additional tasks for the AI intern include analysing consumer data to gain insights into your their habits, analysing market trends to identify gaps and potential leads, and even gauging customer sentiment by reading and analysing social media comments, reviews and discussions.

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