DAM News Round-Up – 4th September 2023

A collection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

The Essential Voices in Building Your DAM Strategy—Stakeholders and Steering Committees

This insightful article from Digital Asset Management strategic tool provider The DAM Playbook presents a series of interviews exploring the different DAM roles within an organisation.  The quirky and engaging videos take the form of conversations with virtual assistants explaining the responsibilities and attributes that apply to each role.  The strategies covered include a broad range of disciplines that pertain to content creators, consultants, CEOs, information architects, process managers, and product owners.

Mastering Video Production: The Role of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Digizuite have recently published an article exploring the role of DAM within video production and distribution.  With some interesting statistics, the post breaks down the numerous challenges of managing video at scale, and provides a number of practical tips including the use of metadata and version control to assist in asset discoverability, implementing user rights and permissions to avoid copyright mishaps and costly legal issues, and using DAM’s built-in features to generate formats suitable for omnichannel distribution.

Google Drive Metadata Management Tips

If you find yourself using Google Drive for its convenience, this series of tips from Content Marketing Manager Iryana Drochak can help you manage, store and retrieve your digital content easier via the use of the cloud storage’s metadata features.  The article explains the three key types of metadata: descriptive, structural, and administrative, along with how to add, edit and strip metadata from your files and how using the labels feature can add additional layers of organisation and findability.

IPTC releases technical guidance for creating and editing metadata, including DigitalSourceType

The global standards body for the news media, IPTC, have just released technical guidance notes for developers and power users regarding the implementation of their DigitalSourceType metadata properties.  The support documentation takes the form of a wiki and focuses on using the command-line ExifTool to view and update embedded metadata.  The guide focuses on the use of image metadata for generative AI content, such as those generated by Midjourney and OpenAI’s DALL-E.

Looking Under the Hood at Generative AI History

Continuing with the theme of Generative AI, Frank Palermo has just published the second instalment of his four-part series on the history of artificial intelligence (part one can be read here).  Primarily concerned with the evolution of large language models (LLM), transformers, natural language processing (NLP) and techniques based in neural networks and deep learning, this detailed and concise article provides the back-story for how game-changing platforms such as ChatGPT are pushing the boundaries.

The Role of AI in the Content Supply Chain of Media Companies and Retailers

DAM and content consultants Qonqord take a look at a number of use cases for AI within modern digital asset supply chains.  Broken down into two groups – publishers and retailers – the topics covered include: automated content creation such as generating news headlines, product images and campaign copy; personalisation and custom content based on user behaviours; distribution and placement such as using AI to decide when and where to most effectively publish your content; implementing image and speech recognition to automatically tag images for example; and using AI-based content analysis to identify areas for improvement.

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