DAM News Round-Up – 4th July 2022

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

DAM: the key to successfully moving into the Metaverse?

Digital Asset Management software provider Wedia present a primer in the Metaverse, its history, evolution and numerous manifestations over the last 30 years, and how it is set to transform our digital experience in the future.  Of perhaps more interest is how modern DAM systems are perfectly positioned to manage the digital content in these new virtual worlds, including presentations, 3D and 360° video, audio, and images.

Tagging files in your DAM

In this recent video presentation, DAM solutions vendor MediaGraph take a look at the topic of tagging within DAM systems, concentrating on the inconvenience of having to use external applications to tag your files, and provide numerous tips and actionable advice to ensure your tagging workflow is more streamlined, focused and efficient. Guidance covers both the software and personnel aspects of tagging, along with how to best leverage technologies such as facial recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, GPS and timeline tagging for video.

When Are Smart Contracts Overkill?

With the recent surge of interest in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the topic of blockchain-based smart contracts and distributed ledgers has come to the fore.  This detailed and technical article from The New Stack takes a look at “all the ways you can integrate code with the information in a distributed ledger that are not smart contracts”.  The article outlines the key differences between event handlers and conventional smart contracts, and provides a useful table to help you decide which approach is best suited to your own initiative.

AI made these stunning images. Here’s why experts are worried

The issue of cultural, racial and gender biases within AI-powered image generation platforms is once again examined in this detailed and engaging article from CNN tech writer Rachel Metz.  As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in the technology we use on a daily basis, the problem of bias-creep and its often elusive nature is also gaining more attention, and is perhaps the reason why some of the larger platforms are delaying public access.  The impressive capabilities of platforms such as DALL-E and Google’s Imagen are causing quite a stir, but aren’t without controversy.  Examples of bias include pictures of nurses that are predominantly white or Asian females, and images of CEOs that are all men and almost exclusively white.

Hyland releases latest content services product enhancements, including new integration with SAP SuccessFactors

Content Services platform provider Hyland announce a number of improvements across their product range, including integration of their SAP SuccessFactors application with employee data, user experience improvements to their Alfresco content management solution, and a number of new features within their Nuxeo DAM platform covering workflow, security, bulk editing, and the ability to redact documents whilst still being able to share them.

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