DAM News Round-Up – 4th January 2022

A collection of recent DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Plan for the Risk Hiding in your DAM System

In light of the recent Log4j vulnerability, DAM and automation specialist Ian Matzen discusses the inherent risk when using third-party tools with your Digital Asset Management system.  The article identifies a number of common scenarios where code vulnerabilities can be introduced, along with a three-step plan to managing such risks: identification, assessment, and action.  An essential article for anyone using third-party of open source code within their digital asset supply chain.

Brand Management Through Mergers & Acquisition

Photo management and DAM software provider Pics.io examine Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in this recent blog post, covering the public’s perception of the brands involved and how a DAM system can assist with the rebranding process and mitigate the potential risk of damaging a brand’s reputation.  With four high profile case studies, including the Orange/T-Mobile and Activision-Blizzard mergers, the article provides a number of tips and insights to consider when merging, rebranding, or acquiring new digital assets.

FotoWare continues to strengthen its international position, acquiring Xenario GmbH

After a recent flurry of acquisitions during the last 12 months, DAM software provider Fotoware have just announced their acquisition of Xenario GmbH, increasing their sales footprint in the German speaking nations of Europe.  Fotoware acquired the UK reseller Xenario UK Ltd back in September 2021, with this most recent addition to their sales network focusing especially on Media and Law Enforcement verticals such as German publishing outfit Axel Springer and Hamburg Police.

Graduating from File Sharing to Digital Asset Management

If your business or organisation has outgrown the often limited capabilities of file-sharing applications such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you may have considered moving to a dedicated DAM system.  This recent article from Digital Asset Management vendor MediaValet takes a look at the common limitations of file-sharing solutions, and how a DAM system can improve both your workflow and the ROI from your digital assets.

DXP and DAM Improve the Customer Journey

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Widen offer up a futuristic vision of a personalisation in this recent blog post.  With the advent of AI, Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), and omni-channel, multi-platform marketing campaigns, the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise is bombarded by personalised commercials in a shopping mall might not actually be that implausible.  The article covers the core components of a DXP and how incorporating a DAM system can help you manage your digital assets and marketing content throughout its lifecycle.

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