DAM News Round-Up – 3rd May 2022

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Polyhierarchy in Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden explores the topic of polyhierarchies – a situation whereby a concept or term may have one or more broader concepts (which differs from the more regular “tree” model).  Heather provides a typically thorough and well-written explanation of the various concepts involved, along with easily digestible examples, and how it’s possible that you might’ve made a mistake in your hierarchy’s design if you end up with more than two broader concepts for any given item in your taxonomy.

Keeping NOMAD™ Up to Date – Our AI is Growing

We’ve covered MerlinOne‘s NOMAD AI-powered visual search technology a number of times here on DAM News, and have thus far been fairly impressed with both its performance and the company’s acknowledgement that such young technologies still require a level of hand-holding and training.  This most recent articles explains how the team are continually monitoring and benchmarking NOMAD in tandem with human feedback in order to keep tabs on its performance.  The article also covers a number of features that allow NOMAD to be brought up-to-date, including feeding it news from a variety of sources, and the ability to fine tune its base models (akin to “taking our 13-year old to museums to learn about a variety of subjects“).

Synthetic media in the light of truth

This interesting article from Paul Melcher, the founder of Visual Tech magazine Kaptur, discusses our relationship with reality and truth in relation to synthetic media and deepfakes.  Referencing a couple of recent studies that highlight the inability of both humans and machines to reliably distinguish between what’s real and not, Paul discusses how this failure to detect credibility could actually bode well for synthetic media and herald a new age of limitless possibilities – synthography will replace photography, and we’ll have the tools to create audio/visual content that’s freed from the constraints of truth, history, and even the laws of physics.

DAM and PIM: Competing or Complementary?

If you don’t know the difference between Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management, or are still unsure which one your business needs, this handy infographic from DAM solutions provider Wedia breaks down the various characteristics, features, benefits, and advantages of each platform, and how configuring them to operate in tandem is generally more flexible than an all-in-one solution.

CI HUB Welcomes Adobe Workfront

Content integration software provider CI HUB have just announced their new integration with enterprise workflow and project management software Adobe Workfront.  The connector allows users to receive, view, edit, and comment on tasks directly from the application, along with the ability to access assets from third-party DAM/MAM/PIM systems.

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