DAM News Round-Up – 3rd June 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Santa Cruz Software at WoodWing Uncovered 2024

Software developer and DAM News sponsor Santa Cruz Software will be in attendance at tomorrow’s WoodWing Uncovered event taking place in Amsterdam.  Speakers include WoodWing’s CEO Ross Paterson and VP of Product Management Tom Pijsel, along with a panel discussion and Q&A session exploring the challenges and issues surrounding AI from a legal and ethical perspective.  Attendance is free of charge and event registration is currently still open.  The full agenda can be viewed here.

Navigating the Impact of AI on Digital Asset Management Jobs

In part one of a series on the impact of AI in DAM and related technologies, VP of Sales and Marketing at DAM vendor Acquia, Jake Athey, takes a look at the threat that AI poses to those with a career in the industry.  The article explores the latest developments regarding image recognition, tagging and generative AI, and how, although they are undoubtedly changing the nature of certain professions such as modelling and fashion photography,  their inherent shortcomings and lack of nuance still require the intervention and oversight of an actual human.

Full Guide to Image Metadata

If you don’t know your Dublin Core from your EXIF, this recent post from DAM vendor Pics.io provides a useful introduction to image metadata.  The article covers the main categories of metadata (technical, structural, administrative and descriptive), along with a basic description of the key image metadata formats (XMP, IPTC and DNG).  Tips on how to view and edit image metadata on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android are also provided.

It’s time to retire the term “user”

This recent post from the MIT Technology Review takes a look at the intriguing history of the term ‘user’ in relation to computing and software, and how its proliferation throughout the seventies and eighties has evolved to a point where its alternative meaning of someone who struggles with addiction is mirrored in the modern concept of ‘power users’, whose kudos is often gauged by audience size and reach rather than their technical expertise, as was once the case. The article also highlights the profound shift in the nature of interaction between humans and machines since the rapid rise and adoption of AI, and how the anthropomorphism of bots into ‘copilots’, ‘assistants’ and ‘buddies’ has further convoluted the semantics of what it means to be a user.

IPTC at the 2024 CEPIC Congress

IPTC, the global news media standards body, review the recent CEPIC annual congress that took place in France earlier this month.  Highlights include the “Provenance and AI” panel presented by representatives from Shutterstock, Google, and the Content Authenticity Initiative, an introduction to the IPTC Media Provenance Committee by IPTC’s Managing Director Brendan Quinn, and the “Where Law and Technology Meet” panel that provided guidance on generative AI images and how to apply specific IPTC metadata properties to signal ownership, rights and licensing information, particularly in relation to the practice of scraping web content to train GenAI models.

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