DAM News Round-Up – 3rd January 2024

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced the DAM News editorial team.

Two Decades of Excellence and Innovation: FADEL Marks a Milestone Anniversary

Rights, royalties and licensing solutions provider FADEL takes a look at its twenty year journey in this brief retrospective.  The article covers a number of impressive milestones, including an early success in working with Marvel Entertainment, a contract that marked the foundation of their enterprise rights and royalties management system IPM Suite.  A short video of the company’s accomplishments is also provided.

IT and Taxonomies

Author and taxonomist Heather Hedden explores the role of Information Technology in relation to taxonomies, and how it forms a core component of taxonomy implementation in terms of users, software, and processes.  Heather also takes a look at the various individuals working in IT whose roles involve working with taxonomies, ontologies, controlled vocabularies or knowledge management, along with some interesting statistics based on a recent survey she conducted with 162 people working directly with taxonomies or a closely related field.

Improving Gen AI Accuracy With Retrieval Augmented Generation

AWS Solutions Architect Demian Hess and AI technologist Aramide Kehinde investigate the numerous challenges of producing accurate and brand appropriate content when using generative AI, and how a process called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) might be used to improve the quality of responses from Large Language Models (LLMs).  In essence, the RAG approach allows organisations to expand the LLM’s knowledge by using their own pre-prepared, authoritative content as a knowledge base to improve the relevance of AI-generated responses.  A concise and worthwhile read.

DAM Stakeholders – Creatives

Australian DAM consultants databasics present the third and final part in their series on DAM stakeholders, this time focusing on those involved in creative operations, including creative directors, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and copy writers.  Following the same format as the previous articles on Marketing and IT, the post provides a breakdown of the features and functionality required by creative staff split into two sections: need to have, and love to have.

A guide to GLAMP Digital Asset Management solutions

Digital Asset Management software vendor Orange Logic have recently published a short introductory guide to DAM solutions within the GLAMP (Gallery, Library, Archives, Museum and Performing Arts) sector.  The article provides a checklist of core DAM features that are essential in such organisations and covers CMS (Content Management Systems), digital preservation, workflows and approvals, fundraising, and support for born digital and emerging formats and technologies such as 3D assets and 360 video.

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