DAM News Round-Up – 31st October 2022

A selection of Digital Asset Management related articles from around the web.

How Might Generative AI Change Digital Asset Management?

DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has recently written a feature article exploring the implications of Generative AI within Digital Asset Management.  With synthetic media platforms such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion now becoming more publicly available, Ralph examines their potential use in relation to DAM systems, and how metadata, often in the form of text prompts, is set to become even more significant by being the DNA from which the binary asset is created – perhaps even paving the way for dynamic on-the-fly creation of the essence, and in turn, reducing the growing demand for storage space.  An excellent read for anyone interested in the future of this technology.

New: Search for text inside images

AI search technology providers EMRAYS have recently announced a new feature that can search for text inside images.  By prefixing search terms with ‘ocr’ (optical character recognition), users can return images that contain specific words or phrases, for example, slogans and brands on clothing, words on buildings, or advertisers on billboards.  Integrations are available for a number of platforms, including Bynder, WebDAM, Woodwing, and Box.

System migration: seven risks to evaluate

Digital transformation and content services provider Hyland present the pitfalls of information system migration, along with a number of practical tips to ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible.  Topics covered include the importance of preparation, advice on handling outmoded and invalid data, rollout (and rollback) strategies, application dependencies, and ensuring that your users are fully trained and kept up-to-date in order to minimise the inevitable resistance to change.

Interview with Adrian David Cheok about Synthetic Media

This week’s instalment of Henrik de Gyor’s Synthetic Media podcast interviews Australian Adrian David Cheok of Tokyo’s iUniversity.  As a pioneer of augmented reality and an early adopter of virtual reality, Adrian’s career has not been without controversy as his Wikipedia article will attest to.  The interview provides an intriguing glimpse into Adrian’s numerous techno-ventures, including attempts to digitise human touch, taste and smell, and a project that allowed users to remotely touch a pet chicken across the internet!

Media Asset Management Implementation: Best Practices

CEO of MAM software provider Evolphin, Brian Ahearn presents a number of best practice tips for Media Asset Management implementations.  This detailed and concise guide covers everything from user buy-in and gathering feedback concerning pain points in your current creative workflow, to assigning an implementation team, performing a pre-migration audit, and organising incremental roll-outs to avoid overwhelming your users. A useful comparison of DAM vs. MAM is also covered, along with a free 16-page MAM Buyer’s Guide (email required).

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