DAM News Round-Up – 31st August 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Creating a metadata policy

DAM solutions provider Tandem Vault have recently published an article explaining the concept of metadata governance, the reasoning behind it, and how to construct a policy document and build a prototype to backup your assumptions.  With a useful example template that can be adjusted to suit your organisation, the article should help clarify what’s involved in metadata governance and demystify this crucial element of DAM management.

Your DAM Isn’t Just an Image Library

Digital Asset Management software provider Aprimo highlight the issue of ‘no file’ assets in this recent blog post, and how they are often overlooked by DAM systems in favour of more traditional based content such as images, video and documents.  Although more of a plug for their own platform, the message of creating a single source of truth for all assets, regardless of their format, is still a valid one.

Why Do All Cloud DAMs Not Have This Capability?

DAM News editor Ralph Windsor has published a feature article discussing the issue of customisation of Cloud-based DAM instances, and how many vendors still regard it as a problem they’d rather not deal with, often stating that it’s simply not supported.  In this detailed article, Ralph explains how SaaS/Cloud-based DAM systems are often akin to shared hosting, whereby clients – although given the impression that their instance is ring-fenced and independent – are bundled in with other clients on the same machine. Ralph continues by demonstrating how a DAM with API-first capabilities can be configured to serve up customised functionality without a completely separate custom or ‘forked’ edition being required.

Top 3 Handshakes

Australian DAM software provider IntelligenceBank explain how their ‘handshakes’ system can facilitate integration between their DAM platform and other external applications, seamlessly stitching the various components of your martech stack together.  Setting aside that ‘handshake’ is something of an unfortunate term in the era of Coronavirus, what appears to be a synonym for plugins or connectors, handshakes allow the user to set up triggers that perform custom tasks when certain events occur, for example, creating a public OneDrive link when a new asset is added.  Currently, their handshakes support a good number of different types of platform, including WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, Trello, Slack, Mailchimp, Twitter, Shopify and many other popular applications.

Top 9 Advanced Functionalities for Online Video Marketing

If you’ve yet to leverage the benefits of video in your marketing campaigns, DAM solutions provider Wedia have published an infographic detailing the top 9 advanced video functions of their DAM platform, and how you can take full advantage of what is arguably now the most popular and engaging medium.  With a detailed breakdown that covers topics such as adaptive streaming (i.e. video that can adapt to different bandwidth and devices such as smartphones and tablets), watermarking, video chaptering, ‘shoppable’ video, and analytics, the guidance and techniques could theoretically be applied to any DAM system or video marketing campaign.

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