DAM News Round-Up – 30th May 2022

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

Combining Digital Platforms to Create the Digital Supply Chain for eCommerce

Digital marketing and strategist Fatih Gök takes a broad view of the digital asset supply chain and how it can all too often become broken and disconnected, leading to consumer dissatisfaction.  Covering the three main components – DAM, PIM and eCommerce platforms, Fatih presents a number of revealing statistics surrounding customer confidence, product returns, and the likelihood of repeat purchases in direct relation to how effective your product information and digital supply chain is.

Tips for Landing Amazon’s $250,000 AWS Imagine Grant for Nonprofits

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Orange Logic present a number of tips to improve your chances of landing one of Amazon’s yearly AWS Imagine Grants.  Aimed at non-profit organisations, the AWS grants are split into two levels: one offering $150k of unrestricted financial support, and a lesser grant offering $30k.  The grants are traditionally awarded to organisations that have the potential to impact an “entire industry or field”, and often feature solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Guidance includes tailoring your application, having a clear goal in mind, and familiarising yourself with past winners to get a feel for the nature of the type of initiatives awarded.


Google is hot on the heels of Open AI’s DALL-E 2, a system that’s capable of creating realistic images from natural language descriptions.  Imagen is described as a “text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding”, and apparently scored above other models (such as DALL-E) by humans, in terms of quality, accuracy and realism.  The article contains a good level of detail and background information, including comparisons to other platforms, notes on social and ethical implications, and ‘DrawBench’ – a spreadsheet containing a range of prompts used for human/machine benchmarking.

Data Driven Governance Techniques for DAM Success

DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has recently contributed a feature article for DAM provider Tenovos.  Concerned with governance within Digital Asset Management systems, Ralph demonstrates how conscientious data collection and analysis can be used, via a number of real-world case studies, to establish and implement more effective governance practices.  Covering both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to decipher the complex interplay between the technology and the people using it, the article explores numerous benefits of a data-first DAM.

NFTs are still worth something—just not what you think

Taking stock amidst the wreckage of the recent crypto-crash, this post from tech journalist Sean Captain ponders the true value of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and how they represent more than just a passing fad for digital art junkies.  Although vulnerable to the same volatility and faddishness as the crypto market, Sean discusses how our underlying desire for collectability is unlikely to disappear any time soon; and having a method to financially support artists and provide deed-like ownership of otherwise easily duplicable digital assets could be the redeeming features that allow NFTs to outlive its own gold rush.

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