DAM News Round-Up – 30th January 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Scale your content creation with generative AI

DAM software provider Wedia have recently announced their own generative AI platform.  Much like the raft of other AI assisted image creation tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Google’s Imagen, wedia.ai takes a text prompt and creates a batch of corresponding images.  After a quick test drive, the platform is clean and responsive, with results being generated in a matter of seconds, although there doesn’t appear to be any options to choose the dimensions of your generated images, and the resultant images closely resemble those from any of the other available engines (suggesting that the machine-learning algorithm is based on a scrape of very similar material).  With regards to copyright, the FAQ states that generated images belong to the creators.  An introductory video is also available.

Replay: Future-proofing your DAM selection

Content management platform provider Censhare have made a free webinar available, entitled ‘Future-proofing your DAM selection’.  Presented by VP of Sales, Josh Van Dyk, the session covers the difference between enterprise and lightweight DAM solutions, the importance of scalability, and which questions to ask vendors when looking to procure your own DAM system.  Email registration is required for access.

Digital Asset Management Challenges & Why Users Hate Your DAM

If user onboarding and adoption of your DAM initiative is failing, this recent blog post from Digital Asset Management software vendor Tenovos presents a number of considerations when troubleshooting your stakeholder’s pain-points.  Topics covered include usability issues such as a poorly designed workflow or unintuitive interface, whether or not the system improves efficiency and productivity, a lack of training, and inadequate integration with other tools such as DRM, CMS, or creative design software.

How to Write RFP for Digital Asset Management

This detailed and concise article from DAM provider Pics.io takes a look at writing RFPs (request for proposal) when approaching vendors for a new DAM system.  In a nutshell, an RFP is generally the first step on creating a shortlist of potential vendors, and should contain questions that are both comprehensive and relevant to your organisation’s specific needs.  The article cites common reasons for an unsuccessful RFP, along with a good selection of useful and practical advice for improving your chances of getting the right system.

6 Best Practice Tips for a Successful DAM Implementation

For those looking to extend the feature-set of their DAM system, this post from DAM solution provider Digizuite provides a decent introduction to DAM implementation.  Topics covered include conducting an initial audit to accurately gauge your requirements, through to tips on vendor selection and which questions to ask them, and the importance of fine-tuning your metadata structure, automated workflows and user roles and permissions to ensure that any future integrations are operating within an already stable and efficient system.

Image generated using wedia.ai with text prompt: futuristic blue sphere made of binary data, digital art

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