DAM News Round-Up – 2nd May 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Taxonomies for Content Components

Taxonomist and author Heather Hedden explores the limitations of conventional tagging when it comes to identifying smaller units of content within a document, such as a paragraph, captioned image or timestamp within an audio or video file.  Heather explains how component content management systems (CCMSs) facilitated the management of content in more a granular fashion, with examples of its use in software such as Adobe FrameMaker, Documentum and Quark.

The Impact of AI on Digital Asset Management: Key Skills for DAM Managers to Stay Competitive

This recording of a recent webinar hosted by Michael Waldron, CMO of Digital Asset Management software provider Tenovos, covers the use of so-called ‘true AI’ within DAM, along with a breakdown of its key use cases, benefits and shortcomings.  Michael covers the key skills required for successfully leveraging this emerging technology, including critical thinking skills and tips on identifying the inherent biases within machine learning systems to ensure your system adheres to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices.

What does AI recommend for DAM Strategy

This LinkedIn post from The DAM Playbook presents the output of three DAM-related questions that were fed into the generative AI platform ChatGPT: what are the steps to DAM success, how should I select a DAM consultant, and who are the influential thought leaders in DAM strategy.  Although it reads as a fairly authoritative, coherent and common-sense response (and rightfully identifies my co-contributor Ralph Windsor as a subject matter expert), it’s important to remember that ChatGPT’s output is essentially a pastiche of existing content on the topic.  As always, it’s wise to do some fact-checking before acting upon any of ChatGPT’s recommendations.

How DAM Software Can Help with Compliance and Security

Digital Asset Management provider Pics.io investigate the numerous challenges of security and compliance within DAM.  The article covers data breaches and cybersecurity, regulatory compliance covering the storage of sensitive data such as medical and legal documents, and how a well-maintained DAM can help to minimise the risks via access control, audit trails, metadata tagging, watermarking, encryption and secure file sharing.  A worthwhile read for anyone tasked with reviewing the robustness of their DAM system.

DAM ROI: Unlocking the Value of Digital Asset Management

DAM platform provider MediaValet offer a simple introduction to return on investment (ROI) within DAM.  The article covers a basic definition and the most common factors involved in ROI calculations, along with the observation that “qualitative benefits don’t always create a compelling enough case for executive buy-in“. However, once you remove an empirical approach that’s based on actual usage data and user feedback, you invariably end up with quantitative methods, which, as we’ve highlighted numerous times before, is somewhat of a black art that tends to rely on specious claims and abstract assumptions.  That said, MediaValet’s ROI calculator is among the prettiest I’ve seen…

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