DAM News Round-Up – 2nd December 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Tackling the ‘inconvenient truth’ of AI in healthcare

Ferdi Steinmann of DAM software vendor OpenText has recently posted a blog exploring the challenges of implementing AI solutions in healthcare, primarily the issue of data integration and preparation, and an update on the current state of affairs after attending this year’s Intelligent Health conference.  Ferdi also explains the conundrum of having smaller players that can implement capable AI systems for niche cases, but the risk of large scale enterprise deployments is still increased due to a lack of involvement from larger software companies.

6 Tips for Better Artificial Intelligence Implementations

Continuing with the theme of Artificial Intelligence in the enterprise space, Dom Nicastro has posted a CMSWire article investigating the current failings and low adoption levels of AI projects. Citing a recent report from the Information Data Corporation, over 60% of organisations are shifting to AI solutions, but lack the knowledge and skills to implement enterprise-wide strategies. Continuing with a number of quick tips for planning an AI implementation, the article acts as a simple starter for what will undoubtedly soon become a common component of our software stacks.

A Brand Management Maturity Model, Part 1: Strategy

Marketing VP of DAM solutions provider Widen, Jake Athey, has posted the first part of a series of articles that aims to outline the steps required by marketers in order to grow and advance their brand management using the ‘five dimensions of martech’.  The first instalment is concerned with strategy and building a roadmap, and provides a number of examples of brands that are leading the way in terms of a management strategy.  This fairly in-depth piece provides some common sense advice and looks to be the start of a promising series of articles.

Finding and wayfinding

In a fascinating case study, Pam Young, Collections Documentation and Procedures Manager for the V&A explains how the museum has audited and refined its location authorities to provide a better, more organised experience for their visitors. Wayfinding is the process whereby visitors can find the exhibits and resources they need via maps, signage and the V&A’s online database.  Pam takes us through the process of auditing, and how the existing free-text collections database from the 1990s required an overhaul. Over the course of three years, the low-level physical audit has given rise to new workflows, governance mechanisms and navigational aids, which all help to ensure that the location and status of every item is correct.

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