DAM News Round-Up – 29th November 2021

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Why Digital Asset Management is Essential for Publishing

Digital Asset Management software provider Fotoware provide a number of tips for using DAM systems in a publishing environment.  Topics covered include scalability, processing and delivery speed, remote workflow capabilities, flexibility, integration, and the ability to future-proof the platform by incorporating third-party Artificial Intelligence services.

Attributes in Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomy specialist Heather Hedden turns her attention to attributes, their relationship to facets, and how they can provide an additional descriptive layer within a taxonomy, for example, when filtering products in an ecommerce system.  Heather also addresses the numerous issues that can arise when introducing attributes, including defining where the crossovers exist between attributes, categories, and metadata, and whether attributes should be applied to all categories, or be category-specific.

Photo Management Software: A Guide to Choose the Right One

DAM platform vendor Pics.io provide a run-down of their top five photo management software applications in this recent blog post.  Titles covered include Google Photos, MAGIX, Adobe Lightroom, Luminar AI, and their own digital asset management platform.  The basic pros and cons of each platform is provided, along with potential usage scenarios.

DAM 3.0: Using your DAM as an omnichannel content platform

Digital Asset Management vendor Woodwing take a look at what features the next generation of DAM systems could deliver.  The post begins with a brief history of DAM’s evolution from a simple digital library to an AI-assisted hub for the entire digital asset supply chain.  The article also covers the three phases of ‘DAM Maturity’ (not to be confused with The DAM Maturity Model), and takes us from DAM 1.0 (a basic library) through to DAM 2.0 (the current stage, with DAM forming part of the martech stack) and on to DAM 3.0 – a complete omni-channel content solution that utilises cutting-edge technology to simultaneously deliver digital assets to web, app, print, ecommerce, and social media platforms

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