DAM News Round-Up – 29th June 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

More Fibs That DAM Vendors Sometimes Tell

DAM News Editor and industry consultant Ralph Windsor has followed up his previous article unveiling the half-truths that vendors sometimes tell with another instalment.  This in-depth piece shines a light on two further shady claims that vendors make: that their DAM is API-first and infinitely capable, and that their AI-powered tools liberate from you the tedious task of manual metadata entry.  With a concise breakdown of how to identify and analyse such skeletons in the vendor close, Ralph’s solid advice could save you being led into an expensive blind alley.

Why Metadata is the Heart and Soul of DAM

If you haven’t yet grasped the concept that metadata is the essence and lifeblood of a DAM system, Digital Asset Management software provider MerlinOne have recently published an article that aims to explain the basics of metadata, and why it’s crucial to the success of any DAM initiative.  Although the hackneyed and somewhat inadequate definition of “data about data” is ceremoniously regurgitated, the article does go some way to explain the ins and outs of metadata, the different types and formats, and how it can be leveraged in a DAM system.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Enhance your DAM

DAM vendor Nuxeo have published an article that takes a closer look at using Artificial Intelligence (A) and Machine Learning (ML) within the context of a DAM system.  With research showing that businesses can use up to 9 different systems within their digital asset supply chain, making the most of your assets by leveraging business-specific AI and ML can vastly improve re-use, searchability and the general efficiency of your operations.

How to Succeed in Creative Operations

John Horodyski takes a birds-eye view of creative operations and the role of Digital Asset Management within the ever-expanding scope of managing content.  Outlining the challenges, bottlenecks and complexity of managing digital assets across a distributed workforce, this somewhat non-figurative article skips between technology stacks, workflow definitions, business relationships and supply chains and is perhaps better suited to boardroom presentations than shop-floor operations.

How ResourceSpace integrates with EMu

Digital Asset Management solutions provider ResourceSpace have recently announced its integration with one of the museum industry’s leading Collection Management Systems, Emu.  Allowing ‘unified transfers and syncing’ between its DAM system and the CMS, the connector will allow ResourceSpace to import and access all of the data associated with any given digital asset, streamlining workflows and allowing a far more refined and granular approach to categorising, managing, preserving and maintaining museum inventories.  A free trial with 100 GB of DAM storage space is currently being offered until tomorrow (30th June).

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