DAM News Round-Up – 29th August 2023

A selection od DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Addressing the 4 Challenges of Content Compliance

Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management at FADEL, has recently posted an article that takes a look at the key challenges of keeping track of your content’s compliance throughout its lifecycle.  Issues covered include managing multiple stakeholders and users, and operating multiple digital channels such as ecommerce, mobile, and direct marketing.  Certain events such as rebranding and product recalls can also trigger changes in content usage, along with the challenge of tracking your content across increasingly complex networks, applications and systems.

Taxonomies for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a look at the convergence of descriptive metadata and taxonomies, especially concerning their use within DAM systems.  Heather cites a number of reasons for implementing taxonomies for digital assets and multimedia content, including the ability to efficiently catalogue and search a growing volume of digital assets, providing synonyms in order to widen the net for different types of audience, and providing an enterprise-wide association between text and media content. A detailed and useful post for anyone involved in the digital asset supply chain.

ICP DAM Maturity Assessment: It’s been worth the wait

Content operations solutions provider ICP have just announced the launch of their DAM Maturity Assessment tool.  This free to use self-assessment evaluation tool allows DAM vendors to benchmark their DAM and receive a personalised report that provides recommendations for improvement, which in turn can allow their platform to move up the maturity scale.  The application requires that you have fairly relaxed cookie and browser privacy settings (such as disabling ‘do not track’ mode), so I haven’t tried it out myself.

3 Best Practices for Staffing an Internal DAM Team

Digital Asset Management and content consultants Stacks provide three best-practice tips for staffing and managing your DAM team.  First up is authority: ensuring that your DAM team has sufficient decision-making powers is essential in implementing any strategy. The second tip is neutrality:  your chosen DAM line-up will need to act as both ambassadors to, and a bridge between, numerous stakeholders and teams, including creative, marketing and sales.  Finally is expertise: being a specialised field, a certain level of technical and practical knowledge and experience will be necessary in order to carry out everything from daily DAM tasks, training and onboarding users to implementing metadata schemas, taxonomies and often complex integrations.

Preserving Digital Assets: A Gap in the DAM Marketplace

DAM services provider AVP explore the “persistent gap” in the DAM marketplace when it comes to platforms that can provide adequate digital preservation features and functions.  Using common library analogies such as off-site or ‘cold’ storage, this detailed and interesting article highlights the key differences between DAM and digital preservation solutions.  The various challenges and issues faced by cultural heritage institutions when seeking a suitable solution are presented, along with the concept of “good enough” digital preservation and identifying how, where and when compromises can be made.  Other considerations such as risk levels and standards compliance are also covered.

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