DAM News Round-Up – 29th April 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

CCI Europe acquires Digital Collections

Publishing platform developer CCI Europe have just announced the acquisition of Hamburg-based DAM solutions provider Digital Collections.  CCI’s publishing platform CUE is used by a number of large media companies including The Economist, Polish broadcaster TVN, and German news publisher Der Tagesspiegel.  The DC-X solution will continue as a stand-alone DAM solution, but will be included as a native component of CUE, which also includes a CMS platform by Oslo outfit Escenic.

4 steps to kick off your DAM project

DAM vendor Wedia has recently published a blog article presenting four steps to achieve your DAM project.  From the initial realisation that your organisation needs a digital asset management solution, the guidance covers what questions to include in your RFI/RFP, defining your project team, finding the right tool, and organising your categories and metadata prior to implementation.  There are better roadmaps out there, but it serves as a quick entrée into setting up a DAM project.

Digital Asset Management: Lessons from the Field #4: Platform Selection – It’s All in the Details

Continuing with the theme of DAM procurement and platform selection, marketing consultant and DAM support specialist Ken Christie has posted a fairly in-depth article on LinkedIn that explores the selection process.  His post assumes that you’ve already defined the goals and objectives of your initiative and picks up at the vendor selection stage – perhaps the most crucial step in assuring the success of your project. Aside from his aversion to using formal RFPs, his detailed and exhaustive checklist should most certainly help clear the fog for those embarking on the DAM vendor selection journey.

Implementing DAM Across Brands

DAM solutions provider Widen has recently posted a case study featuring Shiseido’s Executive Director of Global Architecture Lauren Castellanos.  The article walks us through Lauren’s implementation by way of three key steps: getting people excited, building the metadata taxonomy, and configuring each of her brand’s sites.  As well as being a DAM champion, she strongly supports the use of dedicated, full-time DAM administrators, not only for their technical skills, but how they can be instrumental in encouraging user adoption and leveraging feedback and insights in order to improve overall workflow and efficiency.

Creative Operations: How Transparency Creates Value

Martyn Cook of services provider IO Integration has published an article exploring transparency in the field of creative operations – the systems, practices and platforms that allow businesses to maximise their creative output.  His article begins by asking a number of questions concerning the current issues in your organisation, their visibility, which parties are involved, and whether they are tackling the problems.  The importance of having a dedicated operations team is also highlighted, and Martyn presents a number of seemingly obvious, but often overlooked, factors that can consolidate your organisation’s working methods, improve inter-departmental planning and collaboration and ultimately yield greater ROI.

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